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Commercial Water Heater Services in Allen & Plano, TX

When it comes to heating the water in your commercial building, it’s important to have a system in place that’s reliable. Your commercial water heater is an essential component of your building—from cooking and cleaning to space heating, dependability is imperative.

If your business needs a new water heater or commercial water heater repair, O’Bryan Plumbing Services is here to help! Our licensed and experienced plumbers are highly trained and can address all of your commercial plumbing needs no matter how large or small.

Commercial Water Heater Repair Near Dallas

Let’s face it—there are few things that can compare to the frustration and inconvenience that a commercial water heater on the fritz will cause. When your commercial water heater malfunctions, you need a reputable, reliable commercial plumber—and fast.

That’s where we come in! O’Bryan Plumbing Services can help get your business back on track with our comprehensive commercial water heater repair services. Your technician will arrive promptly and begin to work diligently to diagnose and repair the issues with your commercial water heater.

Potential Electric Water Heater Problems

For electric water heaters, we’ll test the elements and remove them if they are malfunctioning. We’ll look specifically at the screw in, bolt in, and clamp in. We’ll then install replacement parts to get your system back to functioning properly.

If the heat elements do not have issues, however, the problem may be with the thermostat, electrical circuit, or cutoff switch. We’ll test for these issues, as well as hard water.

Potential Gas Water Heater Problems

When troubleshooting a gas water heater, you’ll want to turn the gas pilot control valve to “pilot” for safety reasons before any repairs are attempted. In order to locate and repair the problem, we’ll:

  • Check the gas pilot flame and pilot operation
  • Retighten, reposition, or replace the gas thermocouple
  • Replace the gas pilot control valve
  • Check for the proper flame from the burner
  • Replace a sacrificial anode rod with a magnesium anode rod
  • Remove sediment by flushing the water heater
  • Replace the temperature and pressure relief valve

For commercial water heater repair, call O’Bryan Plumbing Services now at 972-727-6364.

Plano Commercial Water Heater Installation & Replacement

In some cases, commercial water heater repair may not be the best, or financially sound, solution for your business. If your water heater is 6-10 years old, it’s likely a better investment to schedule commercial water heater replacement in Plano, Allen, or Dallas with our team.

Choosing the right water heater for your home can make or break its performance in the coming years. Our team will assist you in selecting the right system to fit your needs. We’ll consider:

  • How much water your family uses on a daily basis
  • How much space you have for the unit
  • What type of water heater you currently have
  • How much you’re looking to save

Schedule online today to learn about the best options for your commercial water heater installation!

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial water heater is an important step to ensure dependable performance for the life of your system. Without the proper care and maintenance, you could be facing exorbitant costs sooner than later. This can include significant and frequent repair costs and even early system replacement.

Our water heater maintenance services include:

  1. Determining if your water heater is gas or electric
  2. Locating the water shut off valve, pressure release valve, and water drain
  3. Turning off the heating source
  4. Turning off the water and attaching a hose
  5. Turning on the water drain and opening the pressure release valve
  6. Turning on the water to flush the rest of the sediment out
  7. Refilling the tank

To keep your Plano commercial water heater in top shape, contact O’Bryan Plumbing Services today!

Commercial Plumbers in Plano & Allen, TX

O’Bryan Plumbing Services has been a family-owned and operated business since our inception. We’ve worked hard to earn our esteemed reputation and have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing superior workmanship using quality products at the most affordable prices. If you need an experienced commercial plumber in Plano and Allen, TX, we can help!

Whether you need commercial water heater repair, replacement, or full system installation, we have the experience and training to address all your needs.

Schedule online or call 972-727-6364 to schedule water heater services with our commercial plumbers! We are based in Allen, Texas and service the surrounding areas, including Plano and Dallas.