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Faucet Repair in Plano & Allen, TX

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A great-looking, high-end faucet is well worth the investment, not only for its attractive style and convenient operation, but also for its ability to be repaired if there is ever a leak, defective part, or problem with mineral accumulations.

At O’Bryan Plumbing Services, we offer faucet repairs throughout the Allen and Plano area, including McKinney, Murphy, Frisco, Fairview, and the surrounding areas. We can repair most common brands and types of faucets, and with over 35 years of professional plumbing experience, you can expect dependable, quality results. We offer complete residential services in the Plano area, as well as comprehensive drain and sewer services.

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Signs That a Faucet Requires Repairs

Faucet problems can be caused by leaking washers and seals, damaged cartridges, mineral accumulations, broken parts, and more. Here are a few common signs that your faucet needs to be repaired:

  • Stains in the sink or tub – Rust-colored stains or salt-like deposits indicate that your faucet has been dripping, even if it may not be often enough to notice.
  • Dripping from the faucet itself – If you notice a drip, whether it is frequent or not, it could be wasting a significant amount of water and will only get worse.
  • Moisture or leaks from the base of the faucet – A faulty faucet can leak from either the base of the faucet or from the handles, and that water will often damage nearby countertops or drip down to damage the wood cabinet itself.
  • Leaks under the cabinet – If you notice water in the cabinet base, it could be leaking from the faucet above, or from the connection between the supply lines and bottom of the faucet.
  • Reduced or erratic pressure – Reductions or changes in pressure could be caused by corrosion, mineral accumulations, or a dirty aerator.

If you notice any of these problems, call our expert plumbers at O’Bryan Plumbing Services. Our experts will determine if repairs are an option and give you an appropriate estimate.

Faucet Repair Services in Plano & Allen

When you need cost-effective, professional faucet repairs, look no further than our team at O’Bryan Plumbing Services. We can repair most common faucet problems using techniques like:

  • Tightening supply fittings
  • Replacing supply lines or valves
  • Replacing seals, O-rings, and gaskets
  • Replacing stems and washers
  • Replacing springs
  • Replacing faucet cartridges or discs

The parts required will depend on the brand and model of the faucet. Some faucets are not repairable, and in those cases, we offer complete faucet replacements.

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