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Prepping Your Plumbing for the Holidays

The holidays can be tough on your plumbing system. From cooking extra food to accommodating houseguests, your plumbing fixtures and pipes are under more strain than usual. Don’t let a stopped-up sink, overflowing toilet, or cold shower put a damper on your holiday gatherings! Follow these tips to make sure your plumbing is ready for the extra work this holiday season.

If you need help implementing these tips in your Plano or Allen, TX home, please call O’Bryan Plumbing Services at 972-727-6364.

Treat Your Garbage Disposal With Care

The term “garbage disposal” is misleading because the appliance is not a place for trash, and it doesn’t “dispose all.” Make sure everyone who visits during the holidays knows what does not belong down the kitchen sink, including:

  • Cooking grease
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Starchy foods
  • Bones, pits, and seeds
  • Coffee grounds
  • Any non-food items

Is your garbage disposal acting up? Give us a call at 972-727-6364, and we’ll be right over to fix it!

Give Your Water Heater Some Attention

Are you worried about running out of hot water with extra people showering every day? Maybe you’re concerned that children or elderly houseguests will scald themselves at the tap. Fortunately, you’re in control. Simply turn the knob toward the bottom of the tank to adjust the water temperature.

Your water heater requires other maintenance tasks as well. Hire a local plumber once a year to perform the following:

  • Test the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Check the drain valve
  • Flush the tank to remove sediment
  • Check the anode rod for corrosion
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • And more

Schedule water heater maintenance with O’Bryan Plumbing Services to make sure it’s good to go this holiday season.

Place Instructions Near the Toilet

Does your toilet have any minor annoyances, such as having to hold down the handle to make it flush completely? Ideally, you should repair the toilet before guests arrive. If that’s not an option, consider placing instructions by the toilet. Even if this fixture is in excellent working order, it may be wise to leave a laminated card reminding users that only toilet paper and human waste belong in the toilet.

If someone doesn’t heed your warning, and the toilet overflows, call 972-727-6364 right away. Our 24-hour emergency plumbers will resolve the problem as fast as possible.

Have Your Drains Cleaned

Is the sink in your guest bathroom a little sluggish? Does a particular toilet seem prone to clogging? Resolve the issue, not with abrasive chemical drain cleaner, but with professional drain cleaning. Proven, effective techniques will clear your drains for good!

If you struggle with low water pressure, our team can help resolve the problem. Call us at 972-727-6364 or schedule service online!

Address Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure seems low now, it will only become worse when water demand increases during the holidays. Start by checking the aerators in your faucets and showerheads. Mineral buildup could clog the holes and lower your water pressure. Then, make sure the shut-off valve behind each plumbing fixture is open all the way. Other issues—such as clogged water filters, kinks in the main water line, and faulty water pressure relief valves—need professional attention.

Consider a Home Plumbing Assessment

The most common time to assess your plumbing is right before buying or selling the house. However, if your plumbing has been acting up in numerous ways, it could be smart to arrange an assessment before your holiday guests come into town. This is your chance to repair slab leaks, find and replace lead pipes, and remove tree roots from your sewer line.

To schedule a home plumbing inspection, or to inquire about our other plumbing services this holiday season, please contact O’Bryan Plumbing Services at 972-727-6364.