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Sewer Slab Leak Repair in Plano & Allen, TX

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When there’s a slab leak under the foundation of your home or business, it can create a dangerous situation for your Texas home. Whether it’s the result of a botched plumbing installation or simply the ground shifting around, these situations require your immediate attention.

The full-service plumbers at O’Bryan Plumbing Services have years of experience detecting and repairing sewer slab leaks in Plano, Allen, Mesquite, and the surrounding areas. If you aren’t sure how to check for a slab leak or need help with how to handle a slab leak, our experts will help you through the process from start to finish.

How Does Slab Movement Damage Sewage Pipes?

A slab leak is caused by a broken, leaking pipe in the concrete slab that makes up the foundation of your home. When temperature and rainfall in Plano fluctuate, the ground below your foundation naturally shifts. This can cause the concrete slab of your foundation to move up or down, and the pipes can crack due to the pressure.

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Slab Leak Detection in Plano, Allen & Mesquite: Warning Signs to Watch For

Anything that goes down the drain of your home is considered to be sewage and flows through the sewage piping system below the house. Because this system works using gravity, and not pressure, the system needs to be at a slope in order to drain properly. If the sinks in your home are draining slowly, this could be the result of a slab leak. Other warning signs of a slab leak to watch for are:

  • Warped wood flooring
  • Cracks in walls near the floor
  • Slow drains
  • Sewer backup
  • Gurgling sounds/noises coming from drains

Notice any of these signs? Call for professional slab leak detection in Plano, Allen, and the surrounding areas now!

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Plano Slab Leak Repair Professionals

So, your slab leak detection came back with bad news, and you’ll need a repair. Although this can be a stressful situation for a homeowner, our experts are near you in order to help! O’Bryan Plumbing Services has a team of licensed plumbers in Plano. We will help you choose the best method for repairing the slab leak based on its location and the type of leak.

If you’re trying to fix a leaking water pipe under the foundation of your home in Allen, Plano, or the surrounding areas, call us at 972-727-6364 today.

Schedule Slab Leak Detection or Slab Leak Repair in Plano or Allen, TX

Detecting slab leaks early can help save your property from further damage. O’Bryan Plumbing Services uses cutting-edge leak detection equipment to confirm there’s a problem before any digging begins.

Our family-owned plumbing company proudly serves Collin County and Dallas County including the following cities: Allen, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Lucas, Fairview, and Garland.

Our experts have been providing slab leak detection and slab leak repair in Plano, Allen, Carrollton, North Dallas, and the surrounding areas for years! Schedule an appointment online today.

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Since 1982, O’Bryan Plumbing Services has been providing high-quality plumbing repairs in Plano, Allen, and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction with every job we take on, proven by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.