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Hydrostatic Testing in Plano & Allen, TX


When it comes to your residential and commercial pipelines, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that they will provide consistent reliability. The pressure within these pipelines can sometimes reach extreme levels, so it’s important to make sure they are up to the task. That’s where we come in!

O’Bryan Plumbing Services offers comprehensive hydrostatic testing services to make sure your lines will provide optimal performance effectively and efficiently—even under the harshest of conditions. Our highly trained team of professionals can handle all your hydrostatic testing needs with the efficient expertise to ensure your lines operate at full capacity, safely.

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Hydrostatic Testing Services in Plano & Allen

O’Bryan Plumbing Services offers comprehensive hydrostatic testing services that are tailored to suit your unique plumbing needs. Our experienced technicians are here to work with you as we perform a variety of tests to determine and verify the overall strength of your system. These services will also help identify any failures or weak or leaking points within your sanitary plumbing system.

Typically, a test ball is inserted into the main sewer line and inflated to block, or plug, the entire line. Once the line has been effectively blocked, the sewer system will be filled with water until it reaches slab level. Your technician will then begin to apply a predetermined amount of pressure to the system based on the working pressure your system was designed for. During this time, your technician will be looking for a variety of identifiers that may indicate a potential issue within your system.

Once testing is complete, your O’Bryan Plumbing Services professional will provide a complete and comprehensive report of any findings from your hydrostatic testing services. In the event any problems or potential areas of concern are identified, we can also provide a customized plan to address these issues.

Benefits of Hydrostatic Testing

There are a number of benefits to choosing hydrostatic testing services for your pipelines. These benefits include:

  • Lower Potential Energy Usage – Hydrostatic testing provides a safer way to test pipelines because there is less potential energy used when compared to gas testing.
  • Highly Accurate – Hydrostatic testing is a highly accurate way of testing for possible leaks and weak points within a piping or plumbing system.
  • Cost-Effective – This type of testing can be significantly more cost-effective to perform than alternative testing that uses costly materials and equipment.

If you think hydrostatic testing services may be right for your home or commercial piping system, we can help! Schedule online today for hydrostatic testing in the Plano area!

Expert Hydrostatic Testing Services in Plano & Allen, TX

For over 35 years, O’Bryan Plumbing Services has been helping residents all throughout Plano and Allen, TX with comprehensive hydrostatic testing services. We’ve worked hard to earn our esteemed reputation in the area and are honored to serve our friends and neighbors with the highest quality workmanship and unrivaled customer service.

If you think it’s time to schedule hydrostatic testing in Plano or Allen, TX, O’Bryan Plumbing Services is the name you can trust!

To schedule hydrostatic testing services in Plano, Allen, or the surrounding areas in Texas, schedule online or give us a call at 972-727-6364 today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrostatic Testing

What is Hydrostatic Testing?

A hydrostatic test is an approved way to test the structural integrity of a compressed gas container, such as your pipelines.

How is Hydrostatic Testing Performed?

Hydrostatic testing is performed by removing the valve, filling the container with water, and then pressuring the container above its operating limit. The expansion of the pressurized cylinder is measured, recorded, and analyzed.

What Happens If the Hydrostatic Test Fails?

If the circumstance that the pressurized cylinder expands beyond certain limits and fails the hydrostatic test, a test report will be given to the customer and the cylinder must be destroyed.

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