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Commercial Slab Leak Repair in Allen & Plano, TX

Are you concerned about a possible slab leak at your Allen or Plano business? Call O’Bryan Plumbing Services today for cost-effective, professional slab leak detection and repair!

Many businesses in Allen and Plano are built on slab foundations, with all the plumbing and drain systems incorporated into the concrete when the foundation is poured. While this process is ideal for the temperate weather in the area, it can present problems when a leak in the plumbing occurs. It can often take a long time for the problem to be discovered, and, because the pipes are encased in or under concrete, repairs can be difficult.

At O’Bryan Plumbing Services, we have extensive experience locating and repairing slab leaks in commercial buildings, and we offer commercial slab leak repair throughout Allen, Plano, McKinney, Murphy, Fairview, and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of innovative repair options that can reduce your repair costs, keep damage to a minimum, and get your facility back to work faster.

For cost-effective commercial slab leak repair in the Allen or Plano area, call O’Bryan Plumbing Services at 972-727-6364 or schedule online today!

Signs That You May Have a Slab Leak

When you have a leaking water supply line or sewer pipe in or under a slab foundation, it can be difficult to spot. Some of the most common indications that you have a slab leak include:

  • Unusually high water bills or usage statistics
  • A decrease in available water pressure or volume
  • Dampness or pooling water on the slab floor
  • Water-damaged carpets or wood flooring
  • Moist drywall or insulation near the slab floor
  • Cracks in the floor due to the expansion and contraction of water
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Pooling water outside the foundation
  • Odors of sewage, mold, or mildew

Slab leaks can be caused by a number of factors, from the age of the pipes to shifting soil, foundation settling, poor drainage, or improper slab installation. If a slab leak persists, it can slowly wash away the soil from under the foundation, leading to structural problems and failures, cracked drywall, warped door frames, and more.

Commercial Slab Leak Repair in Allen & Plano

Depending on the location of the leak and the type of pipe, slab leaks can be repaired in a variety of ways. At O’Bryan Plumbing Services we have the equipment and experience to offer multiple commercial slab leak repair options, including:

  • Slab Penetration – Our experts can break up and remove the concrete to access and replace your water or sewer pipes, patching the concrete afterward. This is the most labor-intensive option, but it may be necessary in some cases, especially for fixtures located directly on the slab floor.
  • Tunnel Access – Some slab leaks require tunnel excavation under the building to access the defective piping. This method is usually the least invasive as the majority of the work can be performed outside with minimal construction activity inside the building.
  • Pipe Relocation – For water and sewer lines, it may be possible to abandon the leaking pipes and run new lines in a location that is easier to access.

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